…open with care…

A fun muse of a question in today’s media poses,— who asked the first rhetorical question?!…

It seems we live a lifetime full of questions, so it will be interesting to see just what some of the answers to that one might be!…

Have you ever had times in your own life where in those –I’m not-a-mind-reader moments or anxiety ridden intances of waiting-for-a-response/reply you just want to scream “Answer me!”??….

Sometimes it’s just about common courtesy.

Sometimes it’s maybe we didn’t ask the best question in the first place.

Sometimes it’s about biting-the-bullet and not being afraid to ask despite our hesitancies and anxieties.

As much as we pride ourselves on being independent thinkers, there are times when collegiality or companionship or being part of a larger community can be a stroke of luck in helping us find justification or observations, explanations and direction toward what some answers or resolve for the future might be.

Open minds, open hearts, open doors…



Cheers to a conclusively wonderful Monday!


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