….weather, schools & one size fits all…

smiles“A cold snap could lead to serious snow by the weekend”…

So reads a Vancouver media headline!—winter is back–and it may be with a vengeance…

A local meteorologist says “It’s cold right now, but compared to the rest of the country it’s not too bad”….Others across our land & in North America would second that for now, I’m sure!…

Cheers to thoughts of a friend who just left for a ten day tour of South America hint echos of another left behind saying “life’s a beach!”….

Stay warm! -4C now and not expected to beat -1C all day…

Paul Simon & Sting on stage together February 20th in Vancouver. Now that’s a tale of concerted efforts!! Cheers to song!…will you join the throng?…

Hmmm…education & our school systems seem to be in more than a bit of a quandry with a recent Court decision. “Talks set to resume on a new collective agreement”….all the while an appeal of a recent decision regarding a 12 year dispute is about to get launched and expected to take another 5 years or so…..

Cheers to winning/losing, binding/non-binding, altered stances, glaring glances that scream maybe some shoulda stayed in school & cranks up the volume on a chorus of…..when will they ever learn!?!….

Weeds or flowers?…..where have all the flowers gone?….

Bloomin’ pity.

But there is a good news tale of westcoast schools in BC waters recently, where a whale watching tour group was treated to seeing an extended pod of killer whales chasing an unusually large school of dolphins! Scientists in the know about all things oceanography say this was a good sign that our eco-system, after a time of concern, is returning to a better balance!…

Cheers to a Wednesday that sings whether or not–schooled or unschooled, have a super-sized day of smiles!

One size fits all!


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