…pants, races & public spaces…

vancwinterIt maybe sounds like a bit of a stretch, but famed yoga-wear retailer Lululemon, will open a new flagship 4,400 sq. ft. store later this year at Vancouver’s Robson & Burrard!

Across from the relatively new flagship Victoria’s Secret store, and in a former Blenz coffee shop space, one can only wonder is Robson & Burrard going to become the axis of Vancouver’s garment district?!?!…

Cheers to what pants the heart!…pants & panties half off!!!…
–from time to time, Robson/Burrard will no doubt be the place to be!!…

I didn’t realize it, but this fall Vancouverites will go to the polls again to elect or re-elect a city Mayor. Pundits are saying for the time being, it seems to be a one man show with other political parties seemingly having no viable candidates for leader at the moment.

“In a year where citizens are irate over development plans, bike lanes, nasty community centre fights and a general sense that no one is listening to them, some are looking for an alternative to the Vancouver Vision party.” So say the politicos…..

Cheers to an engaging race that shouts Vancouver—we love this place!…

Well, it’s not quite as much winter in Vancouver as today’s scene pictures here, but it will be cold and below freezing temperatures are to persist throughout the week!
Bright sunshine beckons get out into the outdoors & take a walk, ride or run in the sun!

So many fine public spaces for locals and tourists alike that are singing to you—welcome!

Cheers to a fine first February Tuesday!!

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