…hot & cold…

Some patriotic pride this morning to note Canada’s mention in a freeze-frame capture-the- moment google doodle that celebrates 1947’s February 3rd, -63C in the First Nation village of Snag, Yukon—coldest temperature ever recorded in Canadian history.

A reminiscence that gives a whole new meaning to that idiom “chill”…. G o O g L e … in ice cubes in an ice cube tray, quite clever I must say!…

Thoughts of February being “Apple Month” in British Columbia, make for a heartwarming segue to suggest in Vancouver’s brief upcoming cold snap this week, some homemade apple cider with spices & cinnamon sticks might be a nice idea on return to hearth & home at the end of a busy day!…

Cheers to “I spy, with java, granny Smith, a dash of maple syrup, allspice berries, whole cloves, lemon & orange peel, & two cinnamon sticks, something that smells delicious!…..”

Well, it seems the much hyped Super Bowl NFL game yesterday was a bit of a bust for the Broncos of Denver, but westcoast Seattle fans no doubt delighted in the Hawks soaring to victory! By all accounts, Vancouver’s hospitality industry enjoyed a good sports bar day between early morning soccer & later in the day football…

Cheers to get ready, get set, go to cheering on our Maple Leaf Olympic teams as the Sochi strivings for gold, silver, bronze get underway on Friday!…

“Down the hatch” to a thirst quenching fine February day & remember “it doesn’t matter if the water is cold, warm or hot, you’re gonna have to wade through it anyway!”….

Wade on!–with enthusiasm!


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