Some might say we live in a world of disturbing disarray.

We don’t need to look very far to see that on some levels, how true!

So many of our bureaucracies seem inefficient and disorganized. School systems, healthcare–our veterans and those unwell in mind and spirit, lacking care.

Our social fabrics are so worn and torn and some a tangled mess.

Sadly, what I’ve said in those above few lines is nothing new. Others have been saying the same thing for decades.

I wonder what that fact really says for each one of us and for our society.

When will we “get-it-together”?…

“Tidy up” ….does that ring in your ears, with echos of Mom from bygone years?

As we march through the demands of our today, and as we sync our apps, emails and tablets, and clear our heads from the cloud, let’s take a closer look at what small things we might do in a heartbeat to better lives for others & for ourselves too, in a spirit of togetherness!

Here’s a wee interlude to inspire us in that!…..

In sync. Togetherness. Great Friday and weekend y’all!

Together for a new day that never misses a beat!

(May it be our mantra for a better world)


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