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raven-spirit-of-transformationA refreshing tale in today’s local news of a relatively new Vancouver social housing project known as Skwachays Lodge!…

Located in Vancouver’s downtown core, 18 of its suites will be transformed into Canada’s first aboriginal arts boutique hotel rooms by the innovative teaming up of six aboriginal artists with six interior design firms!

“Each room will have its own theme and indigenous art works. Room 505, for example, will be designed around a celestial theme and include a round bed under a round drop ceiling decorated to look like the moon.

Another room will have birchbark wallpaper and cut pieces of birch trees to recall powwow dances from the Prairies.

In the water suite, sculptures of salmon made of steel on found wood will be mounted above the headboard, while the poem room will have handwritten lines of poetry on the walls alongside works of art.”

Apparently, the $10.5-million building opened in 2012 with 24 social housing suites, including an art gallery and a healing lodge, designed as a place for out-of-town aboriginal patients to stay while receiving medical treatment.

The gallery and lodge were designed to generate money to help support the housing society and pay off the building’s mortgage of about $2 million but demand for lodge accommodation was lower than expected. Some rooms will be kept for aboriginal patients, but the excess capacity in the lodge is being redeveloped for tourists.

Cheers to creativity that sings win-win for all– & an opportunity for a unique Vancouver travel experience!….”including learning to carve, weave or paint with an aboriginal artist, and then taking home whatever artwork has been created.”

As ravens soar in a Spirit of Transformation, may there be much in your Thursday that
uplifts you with new beginnings, new joys & many blessings!

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