…of horses, apples & reciprocity…

appleGeomancy…..now that’s a new word to me!

“The Year of the Horse is galloping our way and a Richmond, BC expert in Chinese geomancy — the study of the interrelations between the sun, moon and Earth — says horses are hard-working and productive, but at the same time stubborn and hard to control.”

(Readers, are you thinking?!…-that sounds like my mother-in-law!)

As for the coming year, a six-month period of transition and change is seen, followed by what should be the run-up to a productive Year of the Goat in 2015. “2014 is the first year for our big brother, the U.S.A., to recover.” One damper for B.C. will be a predicted lowering of immigration from Asia, as it’s believed Asian brethren will be more likely to seek their fortune in a newly vibrant U.S.A.”

So there you go!…cheers to a “Horsey” year for all–outgoing, powerful & spirited– embellished with some equine elegance!…

Great strides!…

February is just around the corner!! — apple month!

As January’s about to make its exit, will you give some thought to your February core values!?!

Correlation — may your relationships be reciprocal!


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