…bare essentials & great pairings…

In this season of cost constraints on policing, a tale of the bare essentials & enforcement sees a Vancouver woman in trouble for allegedly selling alcoholic “freezies” at Vancouver’s popular nudist hangout–Wreck Beach…

A spokesperson for the Wreck Beach Preservation Society says “She’s obnoxious, she’s loud and she didn’t follow the dictates of the culture down there. There’s an etiquette on the beach and you don’t get in people’s faces. They don’t like that.”

“We would be naive to think that there isn’t going to continue to be the sale of drugs and alcohol, but we have to keep it at a level that ensures the safety and security of beachgoers.” says a police spokesperson.

Cheers to safety & security!….

Considering a visit to the Sochi Olympics?!…

….a silly/fun tale that gives a whole new meaning to shall we go together?…


Cheers to a Thursday that has you flushed with excitement!!


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