…of unclenching, co-habits, & brew-haha…

Apparently there is one thing we should be doing more to relax!


So says, international recording artist & Vancouverite, Bif Naked:

“Unclenching the jaw has to be the fastest way to relax, to take a breath, and to set the reset button. The number one thing we can do to live a more positive and stress-free day-to-day existence is to, well, unclench. Or simply, to relax the face.

Many times we don’t even realize that our jaws (or anything else, for that matter) are clenched in the first place. Some people chronically clench their jaw which can lead to headaches, jaw pain, or even dental problems.

Or, like most of us, the trouble is as simple as holding our emotions and stress in.

Unclench has to be the greatest advice in the universe as the act of doing it – of unclenching – is the easiest thing for us to do, privately and physically.

As us yoga devotees say: The truth lies in the soft face because a soft face leads to soft heart.

Take it from one mouth-breather to another, 2014 is the Year of The Epic Unclenching.”

Cheers this Wednesday before thirsty Thursday to the great quenching for unclenching!…

It seems more than 1/4 of young adults are living with their parents.

“Victims of rising house prices, a difficult job market for young people & worst of all, the mental anguish of living with someone who used to brush your teeth for you.”….

A fun survival guide suggests:

– do your share of cooking, cleaning & washing-up dishes
– don’t call yourself a grown-ass adult
– save, save, save
– have an exit plan: when you see in your parents’ flawed behaviour a dark portent of your own future failure, and ball your hands into fists, and gulp back the urge to punch a lamp, the knowledge that you have an escape plan will be your only defence against an existential tantrum.
– get to know your strange housemates: This is as good a time as any to find out your mum’s backstory. Learning to see your parents as full people and not just personalised hovering emotional life-support machines will make you a better person. It will also make it easier to forgive them whatever daft foibles made you smash that lamp.

Cheers to great co-habits!!!…

It’s been revealed that for middle-aged men, drinking more than two pints of beer per day speeds up memory decline…

“The good news, men who drank less than one and half pints a day or a glass and one half of wine suffered no impact on mental ability!
Previous studies have found that people who have more than two alcoholic drinks a day develop Alzheimer’s disease five years earlier than those that abstain, however a glass of wine a day has been found to cut the chance of developing dementia.”

So there you go……to all this let’s just simply say “Salut!”

Cheers to a fine Wine Wednesday!…


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