…sunrise, sunset…

bcsunsetThe beauty of British Columbia’s north shore mountains, the numerous hiking trails, the challenging climbs, & sensational views make them a mecca for hikers both local and from around the world.

Safety is paramount for an enjoyable time in BC’s natural grandeur.  The buddy system, gps technology, appropriate outfitting are just a few of the things promoted by a local  organization known as North Shore Rescue (NSR).  A volunteer community-based search and rescue team is how they refer to themselves.

Sadly, yesterday, after a meeting in their mountain cabin, team leader & often media spokesman Tim Jones, it is believed, suffered a heart attack and died on a trail while descending the mountain.

May those with adventurous spirits continue to enjoy the north shore mountains & may wisdom about safety for all be his ongoing legacy…..”I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see….”   Grace.  Life’s joy & peace.  Amazing…

As the sun sets on your every day, count your blessings & thanks be…

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