…of cheerful & chirpy…

“To name or not to name, that is the question!”…the debate continues among Vancouver city councillors on how far community groups should go in re-naming public buildings after private sector patrons.  Vancouver already has its Scotiabank field at Nat Bailey Stadium, Telus World of Science at Science World, and the Vancity Culture Lab at the Cultch.

For the time being there’s a moratorium on such namings. One can only wonder is it just a matter of time before….Lululemon Library Vancouver….Molson’s Museum of Vancouver…the Apple Art Gallery….or that proposed welcoming centre—“everyone knows it’s Wendy’s!…..”

Enough on this topic! “Rogers” one might say…

Moving onto other arenas, it seems a major media company suggests “convincing people to pay for news content (subscription services) is essential to establish a sustainable path for newspapers in the future.”   Not sure what to think about that—pay wall/awol perhaps…

Personally, in times recent, this reader only pays for newspapers on the weekends with coffee & when a print edition “real” newspaper between two hands is a Saturday/Sunday morning delight & dance with times past….

No doubt some might call that outdated! I’ve yet to expand beyond a laptop for a tablet–&  for that, I’ve oft’ been berated!…

The pundits are saying “the weak loonie will be the norm for 2014.”  That should bode well for exporters & Canadian tourism and investment….

As Friday rolls into this second weekend of 2014….

….may your coffee be strong & smiles emanate your bird song all the day-long!

Cheerful! Chirpy!






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