..of 8…ate…& screen gems…

It’s January 8 & it seems a common theme song heard all day yesterday was “I ate too much over the holidays”…..

Commenting on weighty issues can be a sensitive area so I tend to just listen and if something really needs to be said in response I’ll say, well “as Grandma used to say if you’re not happy about the grey, you can always dye it…..”

Cheers to “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother….”

Apparently “the average Canadian spends 8 hours of free time daily staring at screens”…that means, watching tv, using a computer, tablet or e-reader. 

“Multi-tasking users were most likely to be on their phone while watching TV, followed by a pairing of using their phone and their computer together, and then using their tablet while channel surfing. Half of all TV viewers said they always have their phone, tablet or computer with them while looking for something to watch.”

One guesses it would be a fair hypothesis not to assume one has one’s undivided attention whilst one is reading this tome……..would one agree with this, one wonders?!…..

Great!…..agreeable is good!

Speaking of screens interestingly enough, British Columbia’s members of the Legislative Assembly have voted to buy themselves new iPads “in a move designed to push politicians into the digital age of electronic legislation and documentation. The goal is to use one make of tablet for 85 MLAs to provide consistent and fair access to information.”

And in the spirit of clumsy thumbsy & auto-correct I shall end this post with what I will call an excerpt from text messages—one of today’s “Screen gems”….

“Your great aunt passed away, lol”

                                                   “Why is that funny?”

“It’s not funny David, what do you mean?”

                                                   “Mom lol means laughing out loud”

“Ohmy goodness! I sent that to everyone. I thought it meant lots of love. I haveto call everyone back oh god”

Cheers to a super Wednesday that sings nuisance free–screened the calls!



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