“Most effective way to reduce smoking, increase the price of cigarettes, study says”…”Look for a little more economic drama for Canada in 2014″…”How to turn yesterday’s coffee-stained sweater into today’s favourite throw pillow”…

…just some of the enlightening headlines for the first thirst for knowledge Thursday of 2014!  (as Grandma used to say, “fetch the parchment!”….)

As many North Americans gradually return to work as schools re-commence on January 6th, it’s being said that the best paid CEO’s on the continent will have earned more than the annual salary of the average company worker by noon today-Jan 2!….kinda sorta maybe gives a whole new meaning to shall we take the boss to lunch?…..

A headline that reads “Baby boomers should start working out now if they want to be fit in senior years, doctors say” seems to confirm that catchphrase…..better late than never!….(just call me gymBob!…)

New Year price increases seem to be a worldwide topic of the day too. Crossing bridges will take their toll, medical costs will be at a premium, renewal fees have been refreshed with astronomical growth and user fees seem yet to be maxed out! (all in a day’s work!…)

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that article is followed by “Surefire solutions: hangover cures”…

As Toronto sinks back into a deep-freeze with temperatures in the minus double digits,  a Danforth donut shop that opened on Christmas eve offers a “Drunken Nut doughnut” “spiked with rum & what looks like mini coconuts. They’re coquitos, marble-sized nuts from Chilean palm trees. Fun–but my favourite doughnut was topped with flaked sea salt and crushed mixed peppercorns” writes a Toronto foodie….(all sounds fascinating, don’it?…)

Vancouver is gearing up for a mid-month, bi-annual lifestyle, fashion & sports retailer trade show, the KNOWSHOW at its famed by the Winter Olympics 2010, Vancouver Convention Centre.  Did you know? (will you be in-the-know?…)

Interesting to note that today was opening day of New York City’s Empire State building in 1931; mobile websites will be the “way” of the future; windchill warnings in effect mean exposed skin can freeze in ten minutes…

Cheers to an insightful 1st thirsty Thursday of 2014, and in your quest for knowledge remember the know-it-all who says I’m very knowledgeable in most areas, but Greek mythology is my Achilles tendon! (heel, Fido….heel…..)

Walking encyclopedias…


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