…B natural…

“Electronic game aims to get overweight youth moving”…”Engineers usher in era of human-robot cooperation”…”Boxing Day still a big draw”…”Eight things to do with turkey leftovers”….

Just a few of the headlines this final Friday of 2013!….

Interesting to note that it was on this date in 1972, that Canada’s Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, died.  Namesake of Toronto’s international airport, he was also responsible for ushering in Canada’s medicare system and the maple leaf flag that appears proudly around the world to this day.

“With little exaggeration it may be said that Pearson was the best known and the best loved man in Canada, but by strange paradox, the least known and probably the least appreciated,” says a footnote.

As a new year dawns, “Vancouver needs more taxi licenses”…”Good cheer & hopes of 1913, a century later, ring true to this day”…

“A celebratory dinner at a swanky dining room could be had for 50 cents. Post-Christmas sales featured steep discounts, just as today. “Rust-proof” corsets for figures ranging from slight to stout, all nicely trimmed with lace, low busts and long hips were on sale for $1.50. Wool lingerie was $1.25. Gentlemen’s suits were knocked down to $18. Opera and evening gowns, regular price $40, were discounted to $10.”

Musicians among us, may or may not know that Pythagorus had a theory that our Earth rotates making the sound of the musical note B natural–the music of the spheres….

In a TGIF fashion, let’s make that our finale for this finito Friday to 2013 & our encore spin for 2014 —–Be natural!


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