…already, not yet…

How often have you heard that expression, usually in a negative scenario, that shouts of having experienced or been in the situation that someone is talking about, — “been there, done that!”?….

Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes. It’s cliche, but the key thing is that we learn from them and not repeat, and become wiser through life’s experiences.

A parent often hopes their children won’t make some of the same mistakes they’ve made, but there comes a time in the giving your kids both roots & wings that you have to let them fly and find their own ways!…

As Christmas fast approaches and the Advent candles of hope, peace & love have been lit, choristers have rehearsed & concerts ensued, annual office gatherings have been planned & parties enjoyed, shopping lists have been created and purchases made….

Some of the already of ’tis the season!…..

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…..”

If we think about it, there’s much about the Christmas season that we’ve experienced already–be it this year or in Christmases past. Wonderful memories of younger years and traditions and perhaps new experiences each year, some “been there, done that” has given us a greater wisdom of what the Spirit of Christmas is truly meant to be!…

“Ready for Christmas yet?”….”As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess”….”No, not yet!”…

Imagine in some of the angst, if we were just to stop ourselves in our tracks, take some deep breaths, find some quiet and a candle, and in peace, alone or with loved ones, took a match to it and basked, thought, and pondered in the light and all it can symbolize for us.


You bet!

Cheers to a wonder-filled week overflowing with familiar & new joys this 2013 Christmas Season!….


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