…love it!…

“The dos & don’ts of dressing for your office holiday party”…”The 7 Worst Holiday Films of All Time”…”When It Comes to Holiday Decorating Why More is More”…”Music Won’t Make Your Kids Smarter, Harvard Researchers Say”…”Your Co-Worker Can Cause You Second-hand Stress”…”A Christmas Brussel Sprouts Recipe to Sway the Doubters”….

…just a smattering of some of today’s insightful headlines!…

As Vancouver’s brief “cold snap” has ended and the more typical rains & milder temperatures have returned, the city is abuzz with festive season frenzy, concerts, dance, & theatre, in a cornucopia of sights and sound.  Traffic in the downtown core is noticeably heavier, a catalyst to staying out of the car and walking to destinations!

As the journey through Advent continues, this third Advent weekend is the weekend of the rose coloured candle of love!

It’s been said that “the things that we love, tell us what we are.”  I wonder what that says about each one of us?!…

…”favourite things”….things done with TLC-tender loving care…family, friends, music, art, dance, togetherness….

Cheers to a Friday & weekend overflowing with what you admire, adore, applaud, cherish, enjoy, praise, prize, respect & treasure…..

Love it!….

Love came down at Christmas,
Love all lovely, Love Divine,
Love was born at Christmas,
Star and Angels gave the sign.


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