It’s Tuesday, and as you awaken with thoughts of what bugs you, you can quip,—– mosquitos  bite!!

Today’s google doodle reminds us of  “yellow fever” and the tropical & subtropical areas of South America and Africa where it is more prevalent.

In the “Off” & on of your Tuesday, cheers to a day of no scratch just win!……

Have you ever given any thought to what your eyebrows say about you???!!!…..

…me neither.

Apparently, it’s not something to be ignored!  To that, well, I’ll just raise a brow!…

Cheers to the fullness of time!…

Afraid of heights?? Do you have any irrational phobias??…

A new study suggests that phobias may be genetic and passed down from one generation to the next.

Oh no!…..I was afraid of that!….  : )

Next time you’re white-knuckled on a plane, remember, it could have been a fear of frying!…..

A great segue to half-baked or baked goods…..holiday treats for ’tis the season!

Q: Why did the cookie cry?

A: Because her mother was a wafer so long!

Q: What did the gingerbread man put on his bed?

A: A cookie sheet!

Sarah was never tall enough to reach the cookies in the kitchen so she always asked her brother to get them for her, because he was taller and older than her.

 When she was about 8 (her brother still had to get the cookies for her) she was dared to eat a dog biscuit.
After she ate one, she went home and punched her brother—for her whole life he’d been giving her dog biscuits!

Cheers to a reach the cookies kinda day!…




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