Sadly on this date in 1963, just days after the Kennedy assasination, the worst Canadian air industry disaster until the more recent Air India incident in 1985, happened.  TCA’s (now Air Canada) newest aircraft, in service two months, crashed enroute between Montreal & Toronto killing all on board and with such devastation to the aircraft that a cause could never be determined….

An odd cornucopia of headlines in the life section of one of today’s newspapers!……”My 12 year old son’s not ready for menopause”….”Would You Create a Social Media Account for Your Baby?”…”It’s been three weeks” she says: Should I keep waiting to have sex with my new guy?”…My Dating Line Up: Mr. Too Soon, Mr. Cheap, Mr. Weird”…”Five easy appetizers for entertaining”…

Cheers to…entertaining!!!…

A UK newspaper article asks “Has anyone got a better name for mincemeat?”….no meat, no suet, just fruit, spices & cider….

Interesting question to ponder over tea & a tart…

“The Power of Pendants”…apparently “pendant lighting has taken the design world by storm.  Placement, particularly over kitchen islands, adds function and style.”

Cheers to a Friday and out-with-November-in-with-December weekend that’s decisive, conclusive, definitive & may noone/nothing leave you hanging!….

Up, up & no sway!



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