…forever young…

Interesting way to start the day with a headline that reads “Waiters’ top 20 ways to not be a horrble restaurant customer”….

Amazing that #1 on the list is “stop trying to make servers laugh with old cliche jokes” & #14 “don’t laugh when you order fries!”…


At some point yesterday, Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson held a tele-town hall meeting and had 10,000 callers on hold!!

From servers to wait, wait, wait…er….grrrrr….

A shocking jolt to BC hydro consumers that their hydro billing rates will soar 25.5% over the next 5 years.  So much for election promises that indicated such an increase would be unnecessary…..hmmm….

Reports indicate that local shopping mall parking lots are some of the most dangerous areas for pedestrian accidents.  Be warned holiday season shoppers and be vigilant to traffic & frenzied drivers!…Cheers to no x marks the spot!…

Some might say it was slow in coming, but “the sale of turtles is now banned in Burnaby, a Vancouver suburb pet shops.

A headline yesterday said “Vancouver homes slightly more affordable” while today another reads “Canadian homes slip in affordability.”   Meanwhile “the world’s most expensive book has sold at auction for $14 million” & the “Russian government rents out Red Square to Louis Vuitton for a promotional event.”   “Blackberry is gaining strength and status in Africa” as other companies  consider “how to motivate your people when times are tough.”

Quite the cornucopia of topics—all over the map!

Whatever the longitude/latitude coordinates of where you find yourself today, take note that Toronto has beat out both New York and Berlin as the “most youthful” city in the world!

Cheers to a living, being, feeling kinda day—–forever young!



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