November 25th!…’tis a month before Christmas…

Golly…the season to be jolly!…

Apparently a sneak peak at this year’s holiday movies includes “hustlers, housewives, & Hobbits”…

That’s alot of “h”….to be complemented with steaks & HP perhaps!…saucy…

Another article talks about “gift-worthy” wines–whether you want to splurge or save…

Whine not!…

There’s a jolly good story about a 93 year old fitness instructor who runs an unusual class with  a half-time break for cake! That break even includes “a cuppa & a quick sit-down!”….

How about another “jolly good?”…the “longest married couple in the United States” are celebrating their 81st wedding anniversary! Amazing! Wonderful!

As November winds down with a week that includes American Thanksgiving, might we all gear up for a December that can somehow have less frenzy & more calm & peace?!….

Less is more!

“The calming sea reaches out to me.  Inviting me to its pure serenity.” – Castillo






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