It’s Children’s  Day!

Proclaimed in 1954 by the United Nations, the google doodle reminds us that our thoughts du jour should be about especially those who “live in poor conditions or have suffered violence, discrimination and exploitation.”

I love the image of kids of many ethnicities joining their hands together in smiles!  There’s strength in numbers, togeherness, solidarity & the vitality of youth!  Let there always be strength & compassion & hope for a bright future!—we rise again in the faces of our children!

Speaking of kid stuff, what’s been dubbed the world’s tallest,fastest, steepest waterslide called the Meg-a-Blaster is set to open in Kansas City USA next May!

The Meg-A-Blaster will be approximately 17 storeys high, outdoing the world’s current tallest, which is a 134.5-foot slide in Brazil called “Insano.”

“After the initial hellacious drop, sliders dip into a trough before rising again over a five-storey hump. They’ll do so in four-person rafts, as this is not the sort of slide you make in a Speed-o. A conveyor belt will carry riders from the end of the slide back to the top.”

No doubt it will open with a splash!……

A poignant point for today how in North America we take a precious commodity such as water so for granted!  So many places in the world–Philippines right now & many many others where the scarceness of fresh water can make life difficult for so many children and adults alike.

In our world of abundance of so much in some lands,  how might we be able to share that more eagerly & widely?!….

Cheers to a day of showing love, sharing enthusiasm, taking action, song & dance to the music in our hearts!

Let’s honour all children & not forget the childlike parts of our own attitudes before some of the jaded & disillusioned by life’s challenges set in!

We can all rise again!—-here & now & for all our futures!





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