…standing room only…

“Exercise during pregnancy boosts a newborn baby’s brain capacity for life!”….

Now isn’t that a headline that explains everything!…all those “earth to self” moments that shout, if only Mom had thought yoga pants can work for me!…….(long before Lululemon!)

Interesting word— “capacity”….

This past week I’ve heard of two friends and their struggles with travel delays because their flights were oversold..overcapacity….

Tales this season of the poppy that have been recounted by many of their capacity to endure unimaginable suffering and tragedies and to rise again in the name of freedoms & hope…..

Stories of climate change and severe weather, typhoons in the Philippines of unprecedented magnitude burdening so many with sadness & despair….

In the listening and hearing of so many narratives, thankfully, I’ve noticed something that can be an affirmation of humanity….a beacon of light in darkness….a direction for our compasses, our future…..and that is–where there’s need, there seems to be little hesitation for our world to rally to help one another!

Need can be so great sometimes it can be overwhelming but in the spirit of being there for one other when needed may the “room” that is those willing to help/assist/do what they can,  always continue to be “standing room only!”….

Human capacity…

Thanks be!..


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