…of song, flower & smiles…

“How to make the perfect apple pie”…”How to grow old in style”…”Go wild in the autumn”…”Hurrah for size 16 mannequins”…”Could a Movember moustache be good for you all year round?”….

How’s that for just a few of the enlightening thoughts in today’s media!….

There’s a heartwarming story of a Canadian veteran being honoured for giving a poppy and a song to grateful commuters west of Toronto for 25 years.  A booming baritone voice…..

“The underground passage to the GO Train platforms at Appleby Station, about 60 kilometres west of Toronto, is as utilitarian as such spaces get. A charmless tunnel with steel and plastic conduits running along its ceiling and a raw cement floor, it gets light from white fluorescent tubes. I am not sure Bill Reid would trade it for Carnegie Hall.

This is Mr. Reid’s stage, where for the past 25 years he has charmed harried commuters with his remarkable baritone. For a week before Remembrance Day, every morning he keeps alive a century-worth of songs from the Canadian armed forces, his rich voice booming through the passageways.

“It’s very homey to me,” he says. “I wouldn’t want to touch anything. It does have a nice acoustic sound. You can feel the light sound, it’s not distorted, it’s clear. People say, ‘I wish you were here every day. You’re like a breath of spring.’ “

Cheers to song & flower & smiles in your Thursday!….


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