…which witch Norwich…

Well as the google doodle reminds us, Hallowe’en  has rolled around for another year & reminds us of broomsticks & chopsticks & spooky dark nights!  If it’s dumplings from the cauldron you’re enjoying today and the lights seem too bright above your feast—dim sum!!….

Have you checked out the interactivity of the google doodle? ….it’s designed to spook you out!….and don’t forget the popular kids’ tongue twister–how fast can you say it?!!:

“If two witches were watching two watches which witch would watch which watch?!!”

Lovers of mustard or haters of virus this Hallowe’en, nor walk nor run to the quaint city in England’s north east called Norwich!  Yes, that’s the home of the Colman Mustard Shop & Museum where ghosts & goblins can view a fascinating display of history & heritage!….

Cheers to a “hallowed” Thursday, this final day of October, full of life’s blessings!!!

Tricks or treats?!…

November….the times, they will be a’changin’…….


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