…of honourable, right honourable, frightful…

“Canadian embassies eavesdrop in concert with similar U.S. programs”…”Tories propose letting senators keep health benefits, if suspended”…”Only one thing is certain with the Senate scandal–it doesn’t look good for Harper”….

Interesting the juxtaposition of some of the headlines today….(echoes of “the honourable”, “the right honourable”…)


A friend when beginning to learn French once asked me what does “messy beaucoup” mean??….much messy indeed…..merci beaucoup/thank you very much…

On a lighter note, seasonal headlines expound on “Hoaxes that fooled the world (and scared a whole lot of people”…”Fright nights: Seven unappreciated horror movies”…”Hallowe’en costumes for your pet–a $ 370 million industry”….”Aw, she’s a sushi, plus 11 more homemade Hallowe’en costumes”….

Frightful!….  : )

As the sun rises again on another day, setting our cynical selves aside, we should try to delight in sight, take flight with right with all our might & perhaps ponder hard what we can  learn in hindsight….

Cheers to a day where the sun sets singing everything’s gonna be alright!….



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