..of mischief, polka dots, & tomatoes…

“Hallowe’en an excuse for mischief”…”Polka dots breaking out all over in the fashion world”…”Why do lovers of ketchup often despise the taste of raw tomatoes?”….

…just a few thoughts from the headlines to ponder….

This holy fox,
Or wolf, or both,-for he is equal ravenous
As he is subtle, and as prone to mischief
As able to perform’t; his mind and place
Infecting one another, yea, reciprocally-
Only to show his pomp as well in France
As here at home, suggests the king our master
To this last costly treaty, the interview,
That swallow’d so much treasure, and like a glass
Did break i’ the rinsing. -SHakespeare, Henry VIII

“A polka dot has the form of the sun, which is a symbol of the whole world and our living life, and also the form of the moon which is calm. Round, soft, colourful, senseless and unknowing. Polka dots become movement. Polka dots are a way to infinity.” – Yayoi Kukama

“Their brains are like over-ripe tomatoes.” –Ferdie Pacheco

“I am tomato simple, as a friend of mine likes to say” – Julie Maruskin

“We love to walk in our garden. Each morning the tomatoes say “Hello, happy to see you again” – Kelly Hanley

Cheers to a great Tuesday dotted with a prank or two, doused with infinite levity, & infused with eat your vegetables!….



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