As costume designer to the entertainment world stars, Edith Head, is honoured in today’s google doodle on the 115th anniversary of her birthday, thoughts turn to the words rewarding and awarding.

We’ve al heard through our formative the years that phrase “find yourself a rewarding career” when it comes to the topic of vocations or purpose in life.

But just what its it that makes something rewarding?  What are those criteria that are most important for us? Is it fame?, fortune?, fulfilling a passion?, routine?, variety?, adventure?, stability?

I think the answers can be as different for each individual as there are different careers and varying priorities and circumstances for each one of us…

A recent homily I heard of late, expounded on the issue of human nature and our tendencies to constantly be comparing ourselves with others.  Comparisons, rewards, awards— something that all dovetails together nicely and gives pause for thought about being humble and humility.

On some levels, we seem to live in an ego-centric world, where so much about ego soothing can be seen to be reinforced by the media and advertisers, pop culture music, and an ever increasing fast pace to just about everything.

Human interactions seem to trend more and more to superficial levels.

Cursory trumps over in-depth.

Just a thought to ponder for today….

Might this season of Hallowe’en time, be a time to just think for a moment beyond the costumes & masks of our lives, ….comparatively speaking, beyond rewards and awards, …..and just look at this great gift of life and think deeply about how we can best be?!…

It was once said that “the biggest changes throughout history are the ones that cannot be seen–where the real apocalypse lays: in people’s hearts, their souls, their being”.

Beyond costumes & masks,  rewards, awards…

Cheers to a humanity that can all flourish!…



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