…of entrepreneurs, hot cereal & would you?!…

An article headline entitled “The Skinny on Being a Young Female Entrepreneur” for some reason caught my eye this morning, with the thought (not sure why) that it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings……

Cheers to persistence and entrepreneurship!….

A flashback to childhood days comes from a headline that says “Start Your Day Off Right With Hot Cereal”…..”hard to beat a hot bowl of cereal to start a chilly day!”….

Cheers to oatmeal, “Red River”, cream of wheat!!…..cinnamon, ginger, walnuts, pecans….possibilities!…..

Vancouver’s been blanketed in fog to varying degrees for about a week now.  Some say it’s a fitting weather condition for the season of Hallowe’en while I am sure the operators of float plane services out of the Coal Harbour waterfront are saying it’s a curse on revenues. Too many days of “operations suspended for today.”   Unfortunately, weather forecasters say the fog isn’t going to be lifting anytime soon…..at the earliest, possibly over the weekend.

Cheers to extra care & caution during poor visibility!…..

A fun short article, captures a bit of westcoast spirit…..

Driftwood artist Max Newhouse says the raw material he gathers is “on its way to the grave” when he salvages it on the windswept beaches of British Columbia. The east coast of Vancouver Island is his favourite place to find the bent, twisted and weather-worn pieces of driftwood he makes into everything from tables and chairs to musical instruments. He’s currently building a harp from a block of yellow cedar he scavenged

“Yellow cedar is very precious, very hard to find,” he says. “But almost every piece of wood I lay my hands on I can use to make something.”

Mr. Newhouse, 66, began working with driftwood when he was 17 and it’s been “an obsession” ever since.

He has a recurring dream in which he’s dropped on a beach with a few rechargeable power tools. He walks along the shoreline gathering driftwood, creating pieces of art as he goes. Customers search him out, beach combing for his art, as it were.”

It’s midweek Wednesday….find your great obsession, your passion, your enthusiasm….would you?!…..



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