…of twinkle & brilliance…

As the google doodle celebrates the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump, what better day than today to blog about consequences or in other words “fall out”….

“On this date in 1797, a 3000 foot jump from the basket of a hot air balloon above Parc Monceau in Paris saw a seven metre parachute resembling an umbrella ease the jumper’s path to the ground.”

Some of today’s headline questions ask: How racist are we?…Will Jamaica face a ban from the Olympics?…Are we rude when we drive and ride transit?…Do people care that government agencies are collecting their personal data?…What’s going bad in your fridge?…


We all face questions to be answered every day.  Some of the more complicated ones remain unanswered for days while we discern what’s best in the situation for others or for ourselves, as we ruminate over the what ifs of this or that.  Some of the more rudimentary ones, we conclude quickly and move on thinking little of some of the consequences or beyond a cursory quick decision.

It can be astounding years later when you hear from someone about a decision you made or an answer you gave and how it had significant consequences for them or when you realize yourself just where an answer or decision took you on the path of your own life.

They say that life is an adventure to be celebrated!  Yes, that includes not only the simple decisions and answers but also the more complicated ones, laced with fears and uncertainty, doubt and sometimes despair, sometimes risks and rewards, often with leaps of faith, growth & satisfaction and gratitude.

Like a marching band that entertains during a half-time show, may the fall-in and fall-out of their choreography be a metaphor for your Tuesday and may your alignment sing “my ducks are in a row”, “the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed”, and may your day be a day of “dancing with the stars!”….






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