…decorum & deportment…

The sudden disappearance of the sardine fishery has serious economic and ecological effects on the BC Coast. Changes in ocean conditions, temperature, tides, plankton & light, are all being questionned….

Me thinks a tidbit about the $32 million inexplicable & complete collapse will suggest something about not following the crowd….Kids’  games on this topic might include “School’s out” or let’s play “go fish!”….

An article suggests that “home decor has come a long way in 25 years!—since 1988″…

“The ’80s are remembered for questionable taste, homes filled with wall-to-wall carpeting, busy wallpaper, pastel tones, glossy black furniture and patterns galore. Chinoiserie, Tex-Mex and Sante Fe influences were evident, often put together in head-spinning combinations — the expression “less-is-more” had not yet made its way into out decorating vocabulary.

Today, comfort and function are key, with an understated elegance proving spaces can be effortlessly stylish and uncomplicated, while still being technologically advanced. Smart homes are coming into their own, allowing us to enjoy our precious downtime to its fullest and proving the new rule in designing your space is: there are no rules, just don’t go ’80s.”


Cheers to an October Tuesday of less is more, resplendent with fine decorum & deportment!

….”and all manner of things, shall be well!”….


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