A good question in one of the mainstream media newspapers today is “what makes a headline a headline?”….

Rather than trying to answer it, I will say that many of this morning’s headlines could certainly leave one with a very discouraging outlook on life….

On a lighter note, one article asks how did we ever manage before smartphones and outlines 10 apps we didin’t know we needed:……

RunPee: gives you a list of opportune times to run and pee (or grab a snack) during a movie. “Never miss a  pivotal scene or one-line zinger again”

..the other 9 are equally ridiculous…..

Apparently fans of hit shows “Are you being served?” and “Downton Abbey” could be mesmerized soon by a new BBC series “Paradise” -seduction in the city they say, that will remind us of how revolutinary grand department stores were in the 70’s……

In Canada, it seems, it’s been Eaton’s, Woodward’s, Simpson’s & Sears and the grand fizzle…..might there be some sort of revival?!….

Headlines….smartphone apps…department stores….

What will be the feature item in your pre-Canadian thanksgiving Thursday??…

Cheers to the highlight of your day!

Thanks be.


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