…green tea, cinnamon, polish & shine…

“Great restaurant names create an aura and have you salivating before you’ve even unfolded your napkin–but coming up with the right one is not a straight-forward task”….

So says an article that goes onto highlight some of the more amusing names, especially for pubs.

One has to wonder how much thought went into the likes of Vancouver’s Joey’s, Earl’s, White Spot, Cactus Club, and the likes of Knight & Day.  All popular and successful, I’m not sure if the names conjure up any auras…..

Then we have– The Teahouse &  Fish House in Stanley Park, Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House, Lift, Tap & Barrel, Black & Blue, that do seem, for me at least, to suggest a certain hue & view…

How does  Sam ‘n Ella’s Deli sound to you?!……

A recent study suggests green tea may lower cholesterol levels & reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Cheers to time for green tea!….

As the fest that can be October is well underway, pumpkin offerings seem to abound!

Beermakers with pumpkin brews and coffee joints with pumpkin lattes.  Pumpkin bread, muffins, bagels and sometimes smeared with pumpkin cream cheese and of course—pumpkin pie!

Cheers to autumn and cinnamon!…

Apparently two Lower Mainland establishments have made it as finalists in the Best Public Bathroom in Canada contest to be decided by “Canada’s potty using public”….

Yes, Richmond’s CHOP Steakhouse where “the washroom takes on the same ambience as the restaurant with low golden lights and flower arrangements covering the facility”…..and Steamworks Brew Pub in Gastown where “practicality and stylish decor combined with a women’s oversized stall featuring two toilettes with a shoulder height partition so that ladies can continue their conversations uninterrupted”…..

Cheers to polished & shined!…..

May your October Wednesday sparkle & may all who you meet be dazzled and flushed with excitement!…

Not just another day…..spice it up!




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