…of searching, films, & heads up…

As search engine Google marks its 15th birthday we see the google doodle pinata that’s  ready for thwacking—a video game about sweets!….

Happy Birthday google!!!….may the search continue for many years to come!…

Vancouver’s 33rd International Film Festival is underway this weekend.  Will rainy day weather have you seeing a movie that moves you?….300 films from 75 countries….”There Will Come A Day” & “Curiosity” said to be two favourites….curious?!….

No doubt they’re hoping to reel you in at the box office!…..

At the risk of sticking one’s neck out about Vancouver goings on, a heads up that the American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO-HNS) Head & Neck Surgery annual meeting gets underway tomorrow should see allied professionals from around the globe descending on our city.

Welcome (as the brochure says) “to a downtown core that’s safe, clean & pedestrian friendly, and stunning in its backgound of mountains and ocean”…..

May all run smoothly without skullduggery & may finding good eats be encounters with nothing hard to swallow!…..

Cheers to a final Friday of September that sings great pairings in all you do & remember that in life’s races or contests anyone can win in the “neck and neck” of it!…….

In the running!….






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