…of corner stores, design & community…

According to a recent study, the corner store is disappearing from neighbourhoods and in Vancouver it’s a fact that 82% of them are apparently in non-residential areas. A startling statistic is that the median annual property taxes for such stores according to city records is $23,000.  “A lot of bread and milk to cover rent and taxes.”

The study concludes that there’s a correlation between affordable housing and corner stores in a neighbourhood.  “An equilibrium, a balancing in a dynamic neighbourhood….”

Cheers to green grocers…may things balance out so they shout “we’re in your corner!…..”

As the Interior Design Show West gets underway at the Vancouver Convention Centre there’s an interesting tale in today’s news about Vancouver’s Bocci lighting designers and their participation in London UK’s similar design show where they have showcased their products illuminating the entrance to the Victoria  and Albert Museum, the hub to London’s week long event.

Cheers to all designers…..may success be beyond their creativity and imagination!…..

Home sweet home, a phrase that we can all identify with!….

A huge part of that is not only the physical abode,  design features and all, but also—-the community!

We are all one
and share the same soul

Our hearts are unlocked
like our doors used to be

In appreciation
of a moment or person
magic happens

Compassion is not passing by
compassion is moving forward
with passion
with a heart softened
remembering that we can
slow down at anytime
to touch, feel, connect
and truly know
each other
just by moving forward
with heart softened

share it
you can spare it

A hug
will heal a lot

Blind, absolute tolerance
a brand new start
no blame
from a brand new view
no games
let the colors bleed
or stay fast
but let them mean
not to the whole
only the owner

After that
we’ll all dance

Joy of a child
shows bravery
of the world

Don’t just walk
in someone’s shoes
walk in their feet…
blisters and all
Stumbling, tripping, rambling
through life until I found
something that mattered
It wasn’t something
that I could touch, taste or smell
but it was more solid somehow
What a community can give-
intangible, but more real
than anything I’d ever known
and the benefits, better
than being alone
isolation didn’t appeal anymore

When wondering
what should be done
to another
don’t just shoot from the hip
and do what you’d have them do
but simply ASK
what they want from you

Can I care for those
who share my space and world?
Of course, I can
We can all be a chorus of compassion.
Sing people, SING!

Feeling compassion
for the sagging ashen flesh
of the late-night-please
send-fifteen cents-kitten eyed girl
and the roll of flesh of the EBT card
fried-chicken-white bread-pall mall stench man
struggling against millions
of years of evolution

Compassion is caring and sharing
It doesn’t matter who you are
or where you come from
It’s about each contributing
what he or she can bring
so that we can all be one

Community: come on,
let’s get some unity
“Be excellent to each other
and party on Dude!!!”

Compassion for the broken people,
the pariahs of the community
can be rewarding

Our charter of compassion
may be no Magna Carta
but Jack Kerouac
wasn’t no Siddhartha

My heart hums…
hearing… listening…
to butterfly wings
flap away the confusion
of being a caterpillar…
embracing life and living
with respect
for all creation

You are unique

truly caring and understanding
everyone in every form

Help me to respect
value, and treat all
as I would wish to be treated

sharing, experiencing

Sharing heartfelt heartbeats
while embracing poetic song
finger snaps encouraging community

Intense, full finding a way
to release the truth
a sigh of feeling complete

Community like a great sycamore
is deeply connected
individually we soar at tips of branches
each dancing to own rhythm
yet harmonically as one
At any height we sing
with fear knowing
we are held securely by others
and while we bend with each storm
we will not break
for together our back is strong
and our feet are firmly planted

When you feel like
the worst has come to pass
remember all the sorrows of others
then tell yourself…
wait and hope
A place where you check your ego
at the door and walk in

A unique consideration and compassionate
understanding of one and the relationship
to group that allows Creation’s light
to shine on that, one, and all

Resist greed
denounce hate speech
stand up to ignorance
share your love
fight injustice   —-from the Springfield Community Civility Project (Slpringfield, Missouri)

Cheers to a belonging kinda Friday & weekend!….




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