Those who enjoy comedy and impromptu and humour of the day will be pleased to know that Vancouver’s International Improv Festival gets underway Sept 23-28 at the city’s beloved Granville Island. 

Not in your plans?!…..well, improvise!…..a new word to me, “humoursmith”…CBC tv show comedian Red Green will perform at the Surrey Arts Centre tonight with parodies about Canada’s great outdoors!…..

It’s been said that for Canadians, backpacking is a right of passage–“discoveries, disappointments, connections…..backpacking in Europe is not about relaxing but being in awe about the grandness of the continent.” 

Well, that’s what backpacking Europe is supposed to do. That’s what it used to do before modern communications, social media, commercial hostelling and Google maps. The adoption of the euro hasn’t helped either, making parts of Europe breathtakingly expensive for no change whatsoever in the quality of the experience or product. The tourist hubs of Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Rome can be crass, overpriced circuses of faux authenticity.

Older Canadians would not recognize the Europe that they backpacked in the 1960s, ’70s and even the ’80s. Far from a rugged adventure into exotic cultures, the European experience has been packaged and prettified from London to Larnaca, Greece. The relationship between the place and the traveller is almost purely transactional, and those transactions are shockingly expensive.”

Cheers to roads less travelled!…yes indeed, the times they are a changin’……& whatever be the new ways, kudos to “I did it my way, ingenuity!……

A new study suggests that moving to rhythm and a steady beat is closely linked to enhanced language skills.  “Musicians have highly consistent auditory-neural responses. It may be that musical training – with its emphasis on rhythmic skills – can exercise the auditory-system, leading to less neural jitter and stronger sound-to-meaning associations that are so essential for learning to read.”

Cheers to “I’ve got the music in me”  sings read on more easily & speak more clearly!……..

Another new one to me,  today is apparently, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so in that spirit to your third Thursday in September let me just say,

Ahoy matey!….

ps. —be mindful of the software & what you download…..




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