…tweed…& yes!…

Today, Vancouver’s annual IDS West Interior Deisgn show  kicks off at the Convention Centre.  “A great marketting opportunity for emerging designers to integrate with buyers, manufacturers, and clients.”   Perhaps the change in weather was by design to encourage great attendance…

Cheers to see you at the show?!…..

Apparently yesterday, Vancouver was also home to the city’s first ever charity tweed ride.  Citizens sported their finest tweed duds as they biked around town in support of the Intersections Media Opportunities Society in support of film and visual arts workshops for at-risk youth.

“Vintage bikes, bowler hats, pleated skirts…..even a penny-farthing. Do you know what that is??—a bicycle with a very large front wheel and smaller rear wheel that was very popular in the 19th century.  Must confess, I don’t think I knew that…..penny for your thoughts Harris??!!….. tweedle-dee tweedle-dum….A barbershop quartet, the Squares, even serenaded at the pit stops!   Sounds like great fun on a busy day for Vancouver including the Terry Fox Run and a day of challenge benefitting the Canuck Place children’s hospice too….fun fundraisers!….

I met a man in Harris Tweed

As I walked down the Strand;

I turned and followed him like a dog

The breath of hill and sea and bog

That clung about that coat of brown,

And suddenly, in London Town,

I heard again the Gaelic speech,

The scrunch of keel on shingly beach;

The traffic’s never-ending roar

Come plangent from a shining shore;

I saw the little lochs where lie

The lilies, white as ivory;

And tumbling down the rocky hills

Came scores of little foaming rills,

I saw the crofter bait his line,

The children herding yellow kine,

The barefoot woman with her creel,

The washing-pot, the spinning wheel,

The mounds thrown up by patient toil,

To coax the corn from barren soil.

With buoyant step I went along

Whistling a Hebridean song

That Iain Og of Taransay

Sang one enchanted day.

I was a man renewed indeed

Because I smelt that Harris Tweed

As I went down the Strand.– Janet Hunter

Cheers to a day where conventional meets unconventional and shouts YES!!!….




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