…sweet Tuesday…

Not sure if it’s still the case for Century 21 realtors too, but an article in today’s news says British Columbia’s long, hot, dry summer has made it the year of the yellow jacket—the year of the wasp!

“They’re the scavengers of the bee world–if they see your hamburger, your steak, or your fruit, they want it” says a busy pest control expert.

As they say over at Vancouver’s much beloved Bard on the Beach—-to be or not to be!…..

Bee….be gone….somehow that echoes dear old Dad in his silly moments with Mom—“honey bee you will always be…….”

I’ve heard it said before that everything in Las Vegas is larger than life!  An addition to that apparently today is the hoisting up of the world’s largets ferris wheel—55 storeys high. “Early next year it will be fitted with 1500 LED lights and start its slow spin”….and will be known as the High Roller.

Kinda sorta maybe gives a whole new whirl on the word spin for Las Vegas!….No doubt the owners of the famed Caesar’s Palace are hoping the addition to their complex will delight gamblers & salad lovers alike….toss the croutons!….

I leanred a new term today. It’s called “hedonic hunger.”  It’s defined as physiological response involving the brain’s reward centres to smelling, seeing and thinking about certain foods.  The result is we eat not according to energy needs but purely for pleasure.  The explanation they say, for why that single square of chocolate after dinner is rarely enough or that urge that you can’t hlp yourself from finishing off that can of Pringles…

Obesity experts say we need to hit the “hedonic hunger” impulses head on by controlling our personal food environment. ” No keeping cakes or biscuits on the desk at the office”……

Whatever’s up for your Tuesday may it be a cake walk!!!!…..

Sweet Tuesday!












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