“Looky loos cause chaos at Vancouver “go topless” demonstration–A handful of women chanting “Free your breasts, free your mind” inspired a chaotic scene on Robson Street Sunday as surprised shoppers whipped out their iPhones, tablets, iPads and cameras to get a shot of the spectacle.”

Appairently the event was repeated in 45 cities around the world yesterday…..

Cheers to no comment….

There’s an interesting commentary in this morning’s news by a woman who says she’s been dreading autumn since the summer solstice.  A thoughtful expose on living in the moment and her wondering if she is ever actually there–in the here and now, as she often feels she is somewhere else–“mooning about the fading of summer or the end of a vacation or what is behind me and how I could have or should have behaved or responded, fretting about what might -or might not- happen tomorrow or next month or next year”….

Cheers to appreciating what’s before us right in the here and now, whatever the season!……

Thoughts echo of one of my grandmothers and her lighthearted “in living for today, I don’t take time to think of my going grey!”……

Putting the commentary & the Grandma anecdote together one might say she-RIP always tried to live in the moment & never dyed….

Cheers to this last Monday of August 2013!–whatever might be the stresses, distractions, interruptions in your day, decide on a few of your OWN priorities & in it, to others just sing–

One moment please!  : )




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