According to reports, 2500 “beautiful people” showed up to Vancouver’s 2nd annual Diner en  Blanc outdoor dinner at an only hours before disclosed location which was Science World this year, Jack Poole Plaza, last.  “Besides adhering to a dress code (white) participants were required to bring their own picnic baskets, folding tables, chairs and dinnerware.  In exchange they were treated to an evening of food and wine spearheaded by Hawksworth Restaurant at the Hotel Georgia.  All this, a 25 year-old tradition that began in Paris”….

Cheers to the perfect summmer weather it must have been for such a gathering!……

BC’s municipalities are collectively engaged in a movement to see the licensing of “personal mobility vehicles”…yes, that includes motorized wheelchairs and scooters.  It seems, surprisingly to me, that there is a significant problem in that many of them are being driven too fast. This isn’t some hair brained scheme but actually in part due to follow up from recent coroners’ reports around the province….

Cheers to some education on the rules of the sidewalk/roads, peppered with common sense and sensitivity!……

It was on this date in 1955 that the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) got off to “a roaring start with the first PNE parade where 250,000 folks showed up under a pale sun that strained through the clouds for attention.  The record crowd lined the 4.5 mile parade-route 12 deep, jammed curbs, climbed ladders and balanced on neon signs.”…..

“There was a freshness to the parade as well as color and bigness and noise and floats and bands and marchers and clowns. There were flower peacocks, little boys in Indian turbans, mobile rock gardens, Calypso singers beating on oil drums, pastelcolored toy trains, glockenspiels, Great Danes, silver helmets and saxophones.”

Inside the fair, the masses were greeted by the newest food trend: Pizza pies.”

And now this weekend, Vancouver gears up for a myriad of family friendly events taking part in Stanley Park to celebrate its 125 years as one of the gems of the city.

Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.  ~Walt Whitman    
Whatever it is we might be doing this weekend and wherever we might find ourselves, let’s each try to make that OUR own heart & soul mantra for this August Friday and weekend!!!!…..

What a wonderful world!!

Passions & goodness, hearts & souls!…..



Great weekend y’all!….








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