…of drones & scones…

The skirl of the pipes of SFU’s Pipe Band had them winning a 4th place spot at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow yesterday.  Bad weather and lower than normal temperatures had  tunings dealing with a lower pitch, no doubt presenting some challenges….

To this I just say most certainly,  cheers to top 5–win, place or not—-how sweet the sound!!….From chanters to drones, take some relaxing time to enjoy some scones!

Apparently one of the new trends for back  to school…..shhhhh….yes some are saying it already…..is BYOD….bring your own devices!  Tablets and laptops…In many instances I  can see that creating some budgetary headaches for parents requring a tablet of their own! The times they keep a’changin’ –a tough pill to swallow sometimes….

Vancouver’s annual PNE-Pacific National Exhibition opened on the weekend with sunny skies! A kick-off weekend concert included that Jacksons (sans Michael), with a first return to Vancouver since 1984.  By all reports, an enjoyable walk through memory lane that had me reading about it and thinking…..I wasn’t there…..

Another apparently today is that to celebrate the birth of new great grandson George, Her Majesty has opened up the Royal Family archive of baby photos in a new book to be released Wednesday that traces the childhoods of seven heirs to the throne…..

Cheers to the legal beagles that vet that for heirs & omissions…may they rest insured…..

As your August Monday gets off to a start, “by the right, quick, march!……”



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